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Experienced bookmakers or how not to lose

Experienced bookmakers or how not to lose

The Internet and its inhabitants are increasingly covering new areas for making money. A couple of years ago, the main category of the population was"wary" about bookmakers, casinos and gamblers. Today everything has changed, and these punters not only keep their hobbies secret from strangers, but often from close people. Today in Russia there are about five leaders in the field of bookmaking services. Why are they considered leaders? Often they are the ones who give the highest odds for the matches and are allowed to place bets directly online, while not everyone is on a specific category of games, but on everything without exceptions.
The game cannot be started without an initial investment, start-up capital. But it is usually not great, and punters add from 5 to 10 dollars to start a try. You can upload money to the bookmaker online: from your card of any bank, WebMoney wallet (this is the most convenient option) or through the Qiwi terminal. Money is usually received instantly or within 5 minutes, and after crediting the account, you can immediately place bets on your favorite games.
Before making the first bet, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Let's look at a few guidelines.
1. To place bets only on the kind of sport in which you understand. You don't have to chase everything or the one that displays good odds.
2. Do not try to increase your capital immediately or 2-3 times in the first day.
%s3. If you immediately lost part of the amount, you do not need to immediately try to recoup, you can get into an even greater minus due to haste.
4. Before making a bet, you need to carefully analyze the team's past games and look at the statistics. It's just that you can't place bets at random. Carefully study the composition of the team. Occasionally, a coach can release new punters or a second line-up to rest the star punters before big games.
If you follow these simple rules, you can stick to the first couple of weeks of the game, but often a punter comes to a state in which he wants more money and sooner. And this state will go away only with a loss or a win of this amount. Typically, this is how betting tactics are taught. There is a surebet tactic, it is quite simple. A person, having registered at once at 2-3 bookmaker sites, looks for which ones are the lowest and highest odds for a certain game, and makes different bets (they can be the same, it all depends on the situations) on both outcomes. As a result, the bet that won will cover the one that lost. But it should be borne in mind that this system is suitable for those matches where there is no draw: boxing, tennis, baseball, but no matter what match is chosen, the profit will always depend on the size of the bet. More bet - more profit - more risk. Here the question immediately pops up: why do bookmakers allow themselves to be bred like that, moreover, for big, sometimes, money? And there is a quite adequate answer: because they always lose much more money than they win, so they always remain in the black.
There are also statistics on such tactics. A person who wins 5 such sure bets in a row makes sure to make some kind of single, but expensive bet, which will lose in most situations.
Every day, bookmaker experts come up with many new theories and betting techniques, but each of them will always contain a% of risk or chance. There is always luck in any game or bet on a game. You need to constantly engage in self-study and improve your skills, since any punter who has been playing for several months is confident in himself and his knowledge in this area, and only failures and major losses make a person think. Also, a recommendation from the most experienced punters: you should always restrain your inner passion and think with your head. For example, do not bet on 10 games in a row with odds less than 1.1, because it will not bring a lot of profit anyway, but you can lose quite a lot.

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