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Russian attack on Ukraine: gambling industry draws consequences

Russian attack on Ukraine: gambling industry draws consequences

Russia is currently waging a war of aggression against Ukraine. Politicians and sports associations around the world are reacting to the aggression. After the Russian national team was already excluded from the World Cup in Qatar this year, the gambling industry is now taking a further step and showing solidarity with the Ukrainians.

Malta: Currently no naturalizations of Russians and Belarusians

Malta, as the center of European gambling, and at the same time, a tax-saving paradise for many Russians stops the naturalization applications of Russians and Belarusians. That means, currently it is not possible to get naturalized in Malta. The small island state has the reputation that here so to speak EU passports can be bought against the necessary small change. Preferably Russians use this "service". From now on a corresponding procedure is to be prevented, by banning the play Dungeon: Immortal Evil and other gambling games.

It must be said, however, that the whole system of buying passports is a gray area in which various dubious actors are involved. And whether they are guided here by morality rather than greed is hard to say. What we can say for sure is that, for example, the Maltese VIP social club "Casino Maltese" has revoked the honorary membership of the ambassador from Russia and his wife, and they are no longer allowed to enter the club.

iGaming actuaries collect donations for Ukraine

Quite a number of the big players from the iGaming industry have joined forces to collect donations for Ukraine. At the time of writing our news, over £150,000 has already been raised. Cyprus-based sports betting company Parimatch, which was founded in 1994 in Kyiv, Ukraine, is donating €1 million to help feed the people regardless of the fundraiser.

And also the British gambling group Entain, which operates, for example, the Party Casino, donates a sign of his own € 60,000 for medical care. In the donation campaign, everyone can participate.

Casino Ukraine

A corresponding solidary action of the gambling industry must be commendably emphasized. Therefore we report on it. The industry still has a rather dubious reputation. It remains to be hoped that corresponding fundraising campaigns can be completed in a timely manner and that Russia will end the war, reported