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ACIRS (Australian Coal Industry Reference Samples) is a leading NATA ISO 17034 accredited producer of reference materials for the Australian coal industry.

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Our reference materials are high quality, reliable and cost effective and are intended for routine use as an integral part of a coal testing laboratory’s quality control and quality assurance program.

Our reference materials have been prepared in accordance with the technical and production requirements of ISO 17034 and overseen by representatives.

General Coal Reference Materials, ACIRS-G10-2022 encompassing a wide range of test parameters.

Sulfur Reference Materials ACIRS-S2A-2020, ACIRS-S2B-2015, ACIRS-S2C-2023 and ACIRS-S2D-2016 are a range of certified reference materials for total sulfur in coal suitable for calibration purposes.  ACIRS-S2B-2015, ACIRS-S2C-2023 and ACIRS-S2D-2016 offer assigned values for additional parameters for quality control purposes.

Trace Elements in Coal Reference Materials, ACIRS-M2-2018 is a coal matrix reference material focussing on minor and trace elements. This sample compliments our Sulfur and General Coal Range of samples which may contain assigned values for some trace elements.

Fly Ash Reference Material,ACIRS-A1-2016, with assigned values for ash fusibility, major and minor elements.

Hardgrove Grindability Reference Material, ACIRS-H8-2021, comprising a set of 4 Hardgrove reference samples for calibration and quality control purposes.

An additional ACIRS product is the Electrode Carbon, ACIRS-EC-2011, material used as an inert additive in Gray-King Coke Type tests.
NOTE: This product is not included in ACIRS' ISO 17034 Scope of Accreditation.


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* Some products are not covered by ACIRS' ISO 17034 accreditation due to being produced and certified prior to accreditation being granted.