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TOMRA Sorting Solutions

Tomra Sorting Mining provides proven sensor-based sorting technology for efficient material separation in various mineral and ore applications such as the processing of gold, coal, diamonds, gemstones, industrial minerals,and metal recovery from slag. Worldwide, over 200 TOMRA sorting systems are already contributing to more energy-efficient and cost effective pre-concentrations as well as material recovery. TOMRA's sensor-based solutions help to extend th elife of mining operations and increase the value of the deposit.

Phone: (02) 8624 0100
Fax: (02) 8624 0101

Unit 1, 20 Anella Avenue
Castle Hill, NSW, 2154

TS Global

We manufacture premium quality, innovative conveyor products and market leading solutions. Since 2007 TS Global has specialised in the manufacture of a comprehensive range of high quality conveyor accessories and polyurethane components. Our Engineering and manufacturing expertise delivers world-class conveyor solutions that are built to withstand the harshest conditions. Our focus is on high performance, low maintenance products to ensure we deliver our clients cost effective solutions.

Phone: (02) 4968 8500

8 Laurio Place
Mayfield West, NSW, 2304

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