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Somerset International Australia Pty

Somerset International Australia Pty

Level 3, 145 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Phone: (07) 3010 9443

About Somerset International Australia Pty
Somerset Coal International is a US based company whose expertise lies in the development of systems for the recovery of ultrafine coal from coal handling and preparation plants. In March 2015 Somerset International Australia Pty Ltd (SIA) was formed as a subsidiary of Somerset Coal International to introduce this innovative concept to the Australian coal industry. SIA has assembled a team of coal industry professionals with many years experience of coal processing and proven expertise in fine coal processes, specifically flotation and dewatering. Existing fine coal centrifuges employ a screen to dewater the coal which can result in the loss of ultrafine coal into the screen drain and effluent streams. This fine coal either reports directly to the tailings thickener or is recirculated, accumulating in the process water, adding to the solids load in the fines circuit and ultimately being lost to tailings. At SIA we work closely with our customers to analyse both the ultrafine coal losses from the CHPP and the consequences of recirculating loads. In addition to the clearly defined primary benefits of reducing ultrafine coal losses, our analyses are highlighting significant benefits in plant optimisation and debottlenecking. Our business model offers expertise and technology to the Australian coal industry through a customized commercial agreement which requires no capital outlay or installation costs and minimal maintenance costs for the customer. A three month trial period is envisaged so that customers have the opportunity to fully evaluate performance before committing to a longer term arrangement.

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