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Lister Maltman

Lister Maltman


Lister is a Life Member of the Australian Coal Preparation Society and long term member of the NSW Branch Committee. His service is listed below:


NSW Committee:

  • 16 years on the Committee – 1975-76 until 1990-91
  • 2 years as Chairman –  1977-78 and 1978-79
  • 5 years as Treasurer –  1975-76 and 1983-84 to 1988-89


Conference Committees:

  • 2 Local Organising Committees.
  • 1 Technical subcommittee. 

International Coal Preparation Congress:

  • National organising committee for 1976 Sydney VII ICPC
  • Australian delegate on IOC for International Coal Preparation Congress from 1985 to 1991. 

Other Contributions:

  • Lecturer at Advanced Coal Preparation Courses
  • Lecturer Joint Coal Board Overseas Students Course 


Lister worked for a number of operating and service companies including BHP Newcastle Steelworks, Austen & Butta, Bulk Materials Coal Handling (BMCH) and DBT.