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Noel Lambert

Noel Lambert


Noel was involved with the NSW Branch Committee and the Australian Board. His service is listed below: 

NSW Committee:

  • 7 years on the Committee – 2002-03  to 2008-09
  • 5 years as Treasurer –  2002-03  to 2006-07 

National Board:

  • 5 years on the Committee – 2004-05  to 2008-09
  • 3 years as Technical Director 2004-05 to 2006-07 

Conference Committees:

  • 1 Local Organising Committee
  • 5 Technical Subcommittees including one (14th) as Chairman. 

Other Contributions:

  • Lecturer and Course Director at General and Advanced Coal Preparation Courses
  • Lecturer on ACPS General and Advanced Courses in Canada
  • Sampling Course and Slurry Pumping Course Director for the ACPS
  • University Course Lecturer and Director for the ACPS
  • ACPS delegate for Australian Standards
  • Introduced the Wall Planner for the ACPS
  • Actively supported a range of Society activities including website, joint newsletters and a reinvigorated approach to technical publications.
  • Initiated the ACPS producing and selling ACIRS
  • Contributed a range of papers for conferences and seminars. 

Currently works as Chief Engineer of Clean Process Technologies.