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Peter Newling

Peter Newling


Peter has been involved with the NSW Branch Committee and the Australian Board and received a Service Award for his contributions. His service is listed below: 

NSW Committee:

  • 6 years on the Committee – 1997-98  to 2002-03
  • 2 years as Chairman –  2000-01 and 2001-02 

National Board:

  • 3 years on the Committee – 1999-2000 to 2001-02 

Conference Committees:

  • 1 Local Organising Committee 

Other Contributions:

  • Lecturer at Introductory and Advanced Coal Preparation Courses
  • Edited the upgrade to Vol 7 of the Monograph Series
  • Conceived and contributed to the production of the Dense Medium Handbook
  • Increased the cooperation between the ACPS and ACARP


Peter has worked at CHPPs for several mines (Hunter Valley, Wollondilly, Stratford and Catherine Hill Bay). More recently he has been a coal preparation consultant and an ACARP