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Stuart Nicol

Stuart Nicol


Stuart has provided great service and leadership to the Society, served on the NSW Branch Committee and the Australian Board, was foundation Chairman of the Australian Society, and is a Life Member. His service is listed below: 

NSW Committee:

  • 19 years on the Committee –between 1981-82  and  1999-2000
  • 2 years as Chairman –  1987-88 and 1988-89 

National Board:

  • 12 years on the Committee – in period 1989 to 1999-2000
  • 3 years as Chairman –  1989 and from 1994-95 to 1995-96 

Conference Committees:

  • 2 Local Organising Committees
  • 8 Technical subcommittees. 

International Coal Preparation Congress:

  • Chairman International Organising Committee for XII ICC in Brisbane, 1998
  • National organising committee for Brisbane Congress
  • Technical subcommittee for Brisbane Congress
  • Australian delegate on IOC for International Coal Preparation Congress 1991-2001 


  • Active in the Education portfolio and a prolific contributor to meetings and conferences.
  • Lecturer at Introductory and Advanced Coal Preparation Courses.
  • Author of the first and second editions of the Fine Coal Treatment textbook, part of the Advanced Coal Preparation Monograph series
  • Author of the “Principles of Coal Preparation” textbook, the first of the modern versions of this book,


During his involvement with the Society, Stuart has worked for BHP Central Research Laboratories, and consulted through Novatech Consulting.