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Lister Maltman

Lister Maltman


After completing a cadetship with BHP Steelworks, Lister Maltman graduated from University in 1963 and began full-time employment at the Steelworks in the area of Coal Quality and Preparation.

In 1966 he took an overseas posting in the UK with Stewarts and Lloyds. On his return a year later he returned to the Steelworks where he remained for five years before joining Austen and Butta as Coal Quality Manager. At this stage Lister first began his long association with the Coal Preparation Society.

In 1976 Lister became Treasurer of the Society. He became Vice Chairman in 1977 and was Chairman in 1978 and 1979. He remained on the Committee after his Chairmanship and became Treasurer again between 1984 and 1987.

Between 1985 and 1991 he was the Australian delegate on the International Committee and during this period he visited Russia and Canada.

Lister remained at Austen and Butta until 1987 and then joined Hansen Coal Traders where he sold quality coal rather than made quality coal.

In 1987 Lister joined BMCH as a Process Engineer and was involved in the first Microcel installation at Peak Downs. After Birtley UK acquired BMCH in 1997. Lister was involved with the second Microcel installation at Saraji.

When Birtley closed down in Australia, Lister joined DBT as their Senior Process Engineer and in this capacity he visited China many times. In 2003, when DBT closed down, Lister decided to retire and become a full-time painter and decorator.

The Australian Coal Preparation Society would like to thank Lister for his outstanding achievements and congratulate him on becoming a LIFE MEMBER of the Society.