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Life Members

Michael Williamson

Michael Williamson


Mike is a Life Memberof the Australian Coal Preparation Society and a long serving committee member of the Queensland Society/Branch.  His service is listed below: 

Queensland Committee:

  • 8 years on the Committee – 1977-82 and 1988-90
  • 2 years as Chairman – 1979-80 – 1980-81
  • 2 years as Vice-chairman – 1977-78 – 1978-79. 

Conference Committees:

  • 4 Technical Committees – 2nd – 5th Conferences - 1883 - 1991
  • 1 Local Organising Committee of 1st ACPS Conference, Newcastle 1981. 


  • Contributed to first Coarse Coal section notes for the Modern Coal Preparation Course (with Ken Bateman) – 1976.
  • Presented Coarse Coal to the Queensland Advanced/Modern Course from the first in 1976 until the Monograph became available in 1994.
  • Responsible for the present course project (Furphy Glen) – original by Ray Whitmore (Birdie Creek) – 1998.
    • Presented the Coal Preparation Engineer segment from approx. 1984 until 2008
    • Regularly participated in the “Board of Directors” analyses and feedback of project presentations by course members. 


  • Completed a revision of the Dense Medium Coarse Coal Cleaning section for the 2nd edition of Volume III, Part 8, Cleaning Coarse and Small Coal, Dense Medium Processes, 2002. 

Mike retired in 2004 after a distinguished career spanning nearly 50 years in the coal industry in both Australia and the UK.   

Mike was awarded Life Membership of the Society in 2004