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Volume Part Title Author
I 1 Coal Characterisation RH Sanders
I 2 Principles of Separation AC Partridge
II 3 Materials Handling G Miller
II 4 Principles of Sampling GJ Lyman
II 5 Sampling - equipment & practice P Plowman
II 6 Comminution and Screening WG McKay & AC Partridge
III 7 Cleaning Coarse & Small Coal - Water Based Processes 2nd Ed GJ Lyman
III 8 Cleaning Coarse & Small Coal - Medium Processes 2nd Ed M Williamson & J Davis
IV 9 Fine Coal Beneficiation 2nd Ed SK Nicol
V 10 Classifying Cyclones & Filtration CJ Clarkson
V 11 Centrifuges JC Donnelly
V 12 Clarification & Thickening Practice A Waters
VI 13 Pumping, Piping, Valving W Pappin
VI 14 Plant Design, Layout and Upgrade D Tomkinson
VI 15 Maintenance L Geczy
VII 16 Control Concepts CJ Clarkson
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