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Conference Papers List By Author

Conference Year Paper Title Author
1st  1981 The Optimisation of Process Parameters to Maximise the Profitability from a three-component blend Abbott J
12th 2008 Dewatering technology options for Ultra Fine Coal and Ultra fine rejects (tailings) Adams EA and Joyce JA
15th 2014 Increased Fine Coal Recovery using Baleen Filter Technology Agenbag J
16th 2016 Simulated Goaf Rejects Injection Trial – World first disposal method Aitken J
12th 2008 A novel way to control ash using online coal analysis Ampil B and Woodward R
14th 2012 Maximising Plant Operational Performance at Multiple Coal Processing Operations – Tools, Techniques and Talent Andrews C, Brake I, Cronin B, Paine JR and and Robinson R
1st  1981 Using geostatistics to Predict the Characteristics of Washed Coal: The Service Variable approach Armstrong M
1st  1981 The Mathematical Modelling of Coal Washability  Armstrong M and Whitmore RL
2nd  1983 Bulk Solid Storage and Flow Considerations for Coal Preparation Plant Arnold PC, McLean AG and Moore BA
1st  1981 The Chemistry of Non-Ionic Surfactants in Coal Preparation Processes Aston JR, Deacon MJ,   Furlong DN, Healy TW and Lau ACM
2nd  1983 Frother Chemistry in Fine Coal Processing Aston JR, Drummond CJ,  Scales PJ and Healey TW
13th 2010 Practicalities of sampling in modern coal preparation plants Atkinson B
10th 2004 Improved Operational Databases for Fine Coal Atkinson B and Swanson A
6th   1993 Fundamentals of Jameson Cell Operation Including Size Yield Response Atkinson B, Conway C and Jameson G
16th 2016 An Update on Washability Prediction Using CGA Atkinson B, O’Brien G and Swanson A
12th 2008 Dense medium cyclone sampling Atkinson B, O'Brien M, Swanson A and Firth B
14th 2012 CPP Feed Washability Determination from Small Topsize Samples Atkinson B, Swanson A, Warren K and O’Brien G
8th   2000 The role of cavitation in coal flotation Attalla M, Chao C and Nicol, SK
12th 2008 Use of Monte Carlo analysis to understand preparation plant economics Avis SM and Joyce JA
4th   1988 Chemical Dewatering of Coal Baillie PF and Lumsden BG
14th 2012 Conquering The Clay at Rix’s Creek CHPP Bain G
5th   1991 High Speed Fine Coal Cleaning with the Air-Sparged Hydrocyclone Baker MW
12th 2008 Impact of flocculant chemistry on tailings impoundment  Bembrick D
6th   1993 Quality Assurance at Kembla Coal and Coke Benjamin D, Lean P and Cooney B
2nd  1983 The Flotability of Vitrinite, Inertinite and Composite Grains in Coals of Differing Rank Bennett AJR,  Bustamante H, Telfer A and Warren LJ
12th 2008 Handleability evaluation using the Edinburgh Cohesion Tester Bennett P
4th   1988 Column Flotation: The Development of The Tower Flotation Cell Bensley C, Roberts T, Nicol S and Lamb R
3rd   1985 Column Flotation for the Treatment of Fine Coal  Bensley CN, Roberts T and  Nicol SK
13th 2010 Optimisation of fine coal cleaning in the USA Bethell P
14th 2012 Mechanical Dewatering of Tailings – an Update with Case Studies Bickert G
13th 2010 Improving vacuum filtration by chemical and mechanical means Bickert G and Vince A
11th 2007 Coal Fines Filtration - the Relevance of Coal Floc Micro-Properties Bickert G, Selomulya C, Liao JYH and Amol R
16th 2016 Processing Circuits for the Tete Region Boddeus K and Taylor M
14th 2012 The Medium Sampler  Booth R
14th 2012 Existing Flotation Equipment – Unique Circuit Design Booth R, Bain G, Lambert N and Euston J
11th 2007 Process Rationalisation of the Bulga Coal Preparation Plant Booth S and Mills P
13th 2010 An investigation of the potential for eucalyptus oils as reagents in fine coal flotation Botman P, Holtham P and Wightman E
12th 2008 Modern coal dewatering with the new disc filter generation Bott R, Langeloh T and Hahn J
7th   1995 A new benchmark single leaf filtration test for fine coal dewatering Bourgeois F, Wightman E, Clarkson C, Rui Z, Hilden M and Davis JJ
3rd   1985 Optimizing Calculations for Complex Coal Cleaning Systems Bowen RM, Jowett A and Smith HW
6th   1993 Centrifloat Pilot Scale Trial at Goonyella Coal Preparation Plant Brake I, Graham J, Madden R and Drummond R
10th 2004 Networking to Other Process Industries - The Next Opportunity in Coal Processing, The BMA Story Brake IR
9th   2002 Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation of Dense Medium Cyclones Brennan M, Holtham P, G Lyman  G and Rong R
11th 2007 CFD Modelling of Dense Medium Cyclones using Multiphase Techniques Brennan MS, Holtham PN and Narasimha M
6th   1993 The Influence of Screen Feed Rate and Length on Performance Characteristics  Brereton T, Apling A and Wang R
15th 2014 Dry Jigging of Coal Breuer H, Hees A and Oezdemir H
8th   2000 A coal handleability monitor for on-site measurements Brown DW and Atkin BP
12th 2008 Development of a commercial prototype on-line adverse operating condition alarm system for dense medium cyclones Bruniges R, Millen M, Rainey S, Sharp V, Spencer SJ, Stevens R and Williams A
2nd  1983 Dewatering of Fine Coal in Australia  Bush PG and Stockton ND
15th 2014 Upgrade of the Kestrel Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP) Busst K
4th   1988 Coal Sorting Butel D, Howarth WJ, Rogis J and Smith K
11th 2007 Investigation of a water based Method for Determining Coal Washability Data Callan AM, Patel B, Zhou J and GaIvin KP
9th   2002 A New Method for Washability Analysis of Fine Coal Particles Using Water Fluidisation Callen AM, Pratten SJ, Belcher BD, Lambert N and Galvin KP
14th 2012 Improved Methods for Thermal Coal Resource Optimisation Cameron D, Myers A, Roberts N and Sherritt G
12th 2008 Coal Quality Effects on CO2 Emissions Campbell M
12th 2008 Elimination of Perchloroethylene Campbell M
1st  1981 Cleaning of Steam Coal prior to Combustion in Sweden Carlson R and Forssberg E
9th   2002 Coppabella Flotation Upgrade Carretta M, Harmsworth I and Hoffmann D
14th 2012 The Impact of Medium Split on the Efficency of Low Separation Density DMC Operation Carter P, Sherritt G and Meyers AD
13th 2010 A plant monitoring and density gauge calibration device Cavanough G and Powell T
12th 2008 Medium density measurement without the need for a gamma ray source Cavanough GL, Holtham PN and
Powell TM
1st  1981 Optimisation of Coal Preparation in the USSR Cherevko I.E
12th 2008 Modelling the coal-medium flow in a dense medium cyclone Chu K, Wang B, Yu A and Vince A
7th   1995 An economic approach to coal agglomeration using new briquetting technology Clark K, Meakins R and Attalla M
6th   1993 Estimation of Marginal Cost and Profitability for Integrated Coal Mining and Preparation Operations Clarkson C
13th 2010 Process considerations for selecting coal handling plant Clarkson C and Juillerat E
2nd  1983 Use of On-Stream Ash Analysis for Coal Clarkson C,  Fiedler VA and Tonkin DA
4th   1988 Vacuum Filtration of Fine Coal by Disc Filter - A Pilot Study  Clarkson C, Fiedler V, Nicholson T and Hornsby D
14th 2012 Preparation Plant Design for Mozambique Coking Coals Clarkson C, Reis C and Denyer C
16th 2016 Australian Coal Preparation 2050 Clarkson CJ and Hillard C
1st  1981 A Control Strategy for Automatic Optimisation and Control of Central QLD Preparation Plants  Clarkson CJ and Leach KR
5th   1991 A Model of Dense Medium Cyclone Performance Clarkson CJ and Wood CJ
9th   2002 Analysis of Large Diameter Cyclone Plant Performance Clarkson CJ, Edward DJ, Davidson J and Lahey AE
3rd   1985 Automatic Flotation Control Using On-Stream Ash Analysis  Clarkson CJ, Hornsby DT and Walker DJ
9th   2002 Developing Improved Yield Reconciliation Procedures Clarkson CJ, Lahey AE and White P
12th 2008 Development of an online residual frothing propensity detector Coffey A and Lambert N
8th   2000 Coal moisture reduction using air purging technology Condie DJ, Hart GH, Johnston BK, Veal CJ and Nicol SK
14th 2012 Upgrading and Commissioning of the Drayton Coal Treatment Unit Cowburn J, Noack B, Fewings G and Mackinnon W
9th   2002 Operating Comparison of Three Differing Coal Processing Operations Crisafulli P, James T and Drakeford N
3rd   1985 The Effects of Clay Contamination on the Handling and Preparation of Walloon Coals Crisafulli P, Stockton ND and LePage AJ
12th 2008 Secondary flotation at Stratford CHPP - A mechanical cell processing Jameson Cell tailings Crissafulli P and James T
1st  1981 Developments in Tailings Filtration  Critchlow NB
16th 2016 Calcite Scale Management in Coal Preparation Plants Crosbie MG and Golledge CB
3rd   1985 Optimization of Yield and Quality Using On-Line Ash Monitors  Crowden H and Smith K
4th   1988 On-Line Determination of Moisture in Coal and Solids and Ash in Coal Slurries  Cutmore NG, Sowerby BD and Watt JS
12th 2008 Safety in design - Current standards for coal preparation plants Cutting S
5th   1991 Factors Affecting Performance of Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters at the South Bulli Mine Dallas B, Goodman P, and Roberts D
4th   1988 Australian Experience With The Installation and Commissioning of Horizontal Belt Vacuum Filters Dallas B, Horrocks K, Fermino R, Langdon P and Partridge A
5th   1991 Installation of a Spirals Circuit at the BHP-Utah Coal Ltd Blackwater Mine Dalton MJ, Walker DJ, Callow L and Stevenson C
3rd   1985 Effects of Operating Variables on Dense Medium Cyclone Operation Davis JJ, Wood CJ and Lyman GJ
15th 2014 The Current Focus for RandD within the South African Environment de Korte GJ
5th   1991 WEMCO/LEEDS Column…Coal Washing Degner VR and Churchill M
2nd  1983 Practical Aspects of Fine Coal Recovery by Froth Flotation Denney BD
12th 2008 On-line monitoring of carbon in fly ash for boiler control Dixon T, Taylor J and Smith K
12th 2008 Numerical study of particle flow on a banana screen Dong KJ, Yu AB and Brake I
16th 2016 Reflections on 50 years in Coal Prep Donnelly J
15th 2014 Application of the Hyperbaric Disc Filter for Fine Coal Product Dewatering Drummond B, MacKinnon W and Sorensen C
13th 2010 Understanding loading effects on processing efficiency - a new tool for value engineering for CPP design and operation Drummond R, Wex T and Lief H
9th   2002 Operational Review of Teetered Bed Separator Applications Drummond RB, Nicol SK and Swanson AR
14th 2012 Analogue, Digital or a mix of both – Intelligent Valve Automation and Instrumentation Dumbrill K and Chymiak N
14th 2012 The Wollondilly Remnant Coal Retreatment Plant Dunbier P and Stevenson C
3rd   1985 Development of an Exploration Data Based Quality Control Program  Dunstone RH, Woodman DW and Willie R
7th   1995 Superabsorbent polymers for the dewatering of fine coal Dzinomwa GPT and Wood CJ
15th 2014 The Importance of a Unified Coal Quality Database – a Baralaba Perspective Easman W and Roberts N
8th   2000 Is there a place for ash gauges in coal production? Edward D and Clarkson C
11th 2007 Development of a pseudo-density flotation model Edward D, Clarkson C and Moffit A
6th   1993 Spiral Research: Technique Development and Use Edward D, Li M and Davis J
1st  1981 A history of Coal Preparation Practices in Australia Edwards GE
2nd  1983 Enhanced Coal Recovery Through IPTACCS Technology Elkes GJ, Rigby GR and  Mainwaring DE
4th   1988 An Assessment of Froth Behaviour in Full Scale Coarse Flotation Cells Ellis RN, Hornsby DT, Walker D and Clarkson C
6th   1993 Dense Medium Cyclone RD50 Control  Ellison J, Smitham J, Keast-Jones R and Morison I
8th   2000 Fine coal pond beneficiation plant at Robena LLC in the USA  Engelbrecht JA, Terblanche AN, Bosman JB, Porterfield TJ and Rodak MJ
7th   1995 Design criteria for an improved large diameter dense medium cyclone Englebrecht JA and Bosman J
5th   1991 The Flocculation and Dewatering of Coal Preparation Plant Blackwater Engler MJ, Hogg R and Aplan FF
12th 2008 Coal flotation - Goedehoop Colliery Esterhuizen JJ
8th   2000 Predicting Plant Performance from small and large diameter bore cores Esterle JS, Clarkson C, O'Brien G, Swanson A, Fletcher I
13th 2010 Mechanical flotation cells in coal preparation - a technical review and international perspective Euston J
4th   1988 Factors Affecting Filter Cake Pick-Up During Vacuum Filtration  Euston JA and Smitham JB
11th 2007 The Recovery of Coarse Coal Particles by Flotation in the Froth Phase Euston JA, Atkinson BA and Jameson GJ
5th   1991 Microwave Gauge for the On-Belt Determination of Moisture in Coal Evans TG, Cutmore NG and McEwan AJ
6th   1993 Managing the Culture Change at BHP's Port Kembla Coal Preparation Plant Fermino R, Nicholls J and Sales G
7th   1995 Development of the Saxonvale Coal Preparation Plant and materials handling systems Fewings G, Hamblyn S and O'Hearn T
13th 2010 Design, construction and commissioning of a CHPP at Stockton Mine, New Zealand Fewings G, Mackinnon W,  Geczy L, Sorenson C, Jury T, Newling P,  and Rodd D
3rd   1985 Fine Coal Beneficiation Using Dense Medium Cyclones Field MJ
2nd  1983 Solving a Stockpiled Coal Handleability Problem Fielder VA,  Sprague CM,  Clarkson CJ and Corr NG
7th   1995 The impact of fine coal classification on coal preparation performance Firth B, Edward D, Clarkson C and O'Brien M
14th 2012 Investigation of Recently Developed Monitoring Instruments for DMC Circuits at New Acland Firth B, Holtham P, O'Brien M, Hu S, Dixon R, Burger A and Sheridan G
11th 2007 Measurement Requirements for a Dense Medium Cyclone Circuit Firth B, Hu S and O'Brien M
12th 2008 Measurement needs for a fine coal circuit Firth B, O’Brien M and Hu S
13th 2010 Consideration on DMC medium stability Firth B, O'Brien M and McNalley M
15th 2014 Dynamic Impacts of Plant Feed and Operating Practices on a Dense Medium Cyclone (DMC) Circuit Firth B, O'Brien M, Holtham P, Scott N, Hu S, Dixon R and Burger A
2nd  1983 Computer Simulation of Coal Preparation at Saxonvale Mine Firth BA, Grice C, Janssen E and  Weale W
1st  1981 The influence of Pyritic Sulphur on the Recovery of Fine Coal by Froth Flotation Firth BA, Nicol SK, Nash BGW, Quemard D and  Meikle AB
12th 2008 The design, construction and commissioning of a new coal preparation plant at Liddell Mine Fox R, Gibbs N, Geczy L, Souter R and Swanson A
11th 2007 Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Control using On-Line Moisture Analysis at Gregory Coal Mine France G and Von Muralt A
12th 2008 Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) machine for online ash in coal analyses Gaft M and Dvir E
3rd   1985 The Integration of a 300 t/h Spiral Installation at The German Creek Preparation Plant  Gallagher E, Ellis R, Pitt G, Partridge AC and Randell, JK 
1st  1981 Dewatering of Fine Coal by Screen Bowl Centrifuges  Gallagher E, Lewis JE, Post JJ, Swanson AR and Armstrong LW
4th   1988 Measurement and Control of Flotation Ash and Yield Using Optical Transmission Probes Gallagher E, Macdonald JR, Coleman RJ, Lean PJ and Jackson H
13th 2010 Gravity separation and desliming of fine coal using the hydrodynamics of inclined channels Galvin K, Walton K and Zhou J
3rd   1985 The Influence of Flocculant on the Three Sedimentation Zones in Continuous Thickening  Galvin KP and Waters AG
9th   2002 Gravity Separation and Hydrosizing Using the Reflux Classifier Galvin KP, Belcher BD, Callen AM, Lambert N, Doroodchi EG Nguyentranlam G and Pratten SJ
10th 2004 Gravity Separation using a Full-Scale Reflux Classifier Galvin KP, Callen A, Zhou J and Doroodchi E
11th 2007 Gravity Concentration of Coarse Coal using the Reflux Classifier under Dilute Semi-Batch Conditions Galvin KP, Munro M, Jones E and Zhou J
2nd  1983 Coal Cleaning by Oil Agglomeration with Oil Recovery Glass R, Nguygen Y and  Row R
12th 2008 Capillary Ceramec filtration technology - A new alternative for fine coal dewatering  Görres G, Hindström R, Helsto J, Viswanathan V and Vesala A
2nd  1983 A Study of Dense Media Rheology Graham CC and Lamb R
12th 2008 Microwaves for coal quality improvement: The Drycol Project Graham J
13th 2010 Sustainable development indicators for the Australian coal industry Graham J
4th   1988 The Effect of Inlet Pressure on Dense Medium Cyclone Performance  Graham JM
12th 2008 Revamping of vacuum filters in coal filtration   Hahn J, Bott R and Langeloh T
14th 2012 Performance, operation and maintenance experience of coal ultrafines filtration with modern High Speed Disc Filters Hahn J, Bott R and Langeloh T
16th 2016 HiBar Steam Pressure Filtration of Coal Ultrafines - New Developments and Results Hahn J, Bott R and Langeloh T
14th 2012 Eliminating the Bottlenecks - The Application and Benefits of Controlled Flow Transfer Chutes Halpin B and Dimech L
12th 2008 Combined coal and medium circuit simulation for design and optimisation Hand PE and Wiseman DM
15th 2014 Incorporation of Product Sizing to Upgrade Coals to a Coking Specification at Middlemount Hanrahan A, Clarkson C and Hoffmann D
11th 2007 Techniques for the Optimisation of Coal Flotation Harbort G and Schwarz S
10th 2004 Recovery Interactions Between the Froth Zone, Pulp Zone and Downcomer within a Jameson Cell Harbort G, Cowburn J and Manlapig E
14th 2012 Wilpinjong CHPP Upgrade; Design, Construction, and  Commissioning Challenges and Successes Harriman AR and Brindle PH
12th 2008 Some aspects of modelling partition curves for size classification situations Hart G and Firth B
9th   2002 Generation of Pico Bubbles in Flotation Feed - A Means to Reduce Collector Use Hart G, Morgan S and Bramall N
5th   1991 The West German Example Hasse W
14th 2012 Advances in Thickener Feedwell Design – and its Benefits in Fine Coal Dewatering Heath A, El-Masry McIntosh A, Viswanathan V and Wyatt D
15th 2014 The Design and Completion of a Plant Audit at Moolarben Coal’s CHPP Hicks MW
16th 2016 Design and Commissioning of a 2400tph Greenfield CPP in Central Queensland Hoffmann D, Cheung J and Miao LX
11th 2007 Design and Construction of the Dawson Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Hoffmann D, Shooter C and Proud D
6th   1993 Long Cylinder Dense Medium Cyclones for Coal with High Levels of Near-Gravity Material Hornsby D and Membrey WB
2nd  1983 Fine Coal Cleaning by Spiral and Water Washing Cyclone Hornsby DT, Watson SJ and  Clarkson CJ
5th   1991 Statistical Process Control in Coal Preparation Horrocks KRS and Ellison JF
4th   1988 Modernisation of The Coal Preparation Facilities at The Port Kembla Plant of BHP Steel International Horrocks KRS, Ellison JF, Watts G and Messiter S
9th   2002 Smart Sensor for On-Line Monitoring of Coal Preparation Processes Hu S and Firth B
11th 2007 Plant-Based Trials of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy for Measuring Medium Density Hu S and Firth B
13th 2010 Prediction of operating performance of DMC from medium densities Hu S and Firth B
16th 2016 Hydrodynamic Behaviours in Large Coal Flotation Cells Hu S and Ofori P
12th 2008 Plant-based trials of coal flotation monitoring using EIS technique  Hu S,  Burger A, O'Brien M and Firth B
14th 2012 Plant-Based Trials of DMC Performance Monitoring From Medium Densities Hu S, Firth B, Dixon R, Burger A and O’Brien M
10th 2004 New Techniques for Monitoring of Coal Flotation Systems Hu S, Ofori P, O'Brien M and Firth B
2nd  1983 US Government Research in Physical Coal Cleaning Hucko RE
15th 2014 Rangal Coal Measure CHPP Design and Commissioning Hunt M and Hoffmann D
15th 2014 Flotation in the Australian Coal Industry – Experiences with the Jameson Cell Huynh L, Kohli I and Osborne DG
1st  1981 Depression of Coal by Starches and Starch Derivatives  Im CJ and Aplan FF
7th   1995 Ekof pneumatic flotation experience and developments Imhof R, Hofmeister S and Brown JV
3rd   1985 Optimisation of Fine Coal Circuit at Coal Cliff Coal Preparation Plant Jackson H, Cooney B, MacDonald JR, Burke R and Briscoe AM
5th   1991 Operating Experiences with Jameson Cells at Newlands Coal Pty Ltd, QLD Jameson GJ, Goffinet M and Hughes D
16th 2016 Dewatering Fine Coal Tailings with Recessed Chamber or Membrane Plate Filter Presses Jenson C, Park T and Godwin P
14th 2012 Management of Acid Mine Water at Austar CHPP Jeston L, Counter J and Davis A
7th   1995 Coal Preparation in China:  Development and challenges for the future Jiang BZ
2nd  1983 A Mathematical Description of Factors Affecting Settling Rates of Slurries  JMacdonald JR, Mays SA,  Gallagher E and Lewis JE
7th   1995 Process design of Gregory Coal Preparation Plant to produce a 6.5% ash coal Johnson BD
6th   1993 Numerical Modelling of Particle Stratification in a Batch Jig  Jonkers A, Beck A, Holtham P and Lyman G
3rd   1985 A Pilot Scale Module for Testing Fine Coal Cleaning Processes Jowett A and Restarick CJ 
5th   1991 Automatic Flotation Control at West Cliff Colliery Coal Preparation Plant Kazis J and Cooney B
4th   1988 Physical Benefication to Produce Low Ash Coal  Keast-Jones R and Smitham JB
5th   1991 Dense Medium Cyclone Control by Non-Convential Means Keast-Jones R, Smitham J, Horrocks K and Ellison J
13th 2010 Taking advantage of the Centribaric technology: split dewatering of fine coal Keles S, Luttrell G, Yoon R-H, Eraydin M, and Schultz W
5th   1991 Fine Coal Generation during Mining and Handling  Kelly SD, Bullock J, Smitham JB, Fisher A and Clark B
6th   1993 Dense Medium Cyclones on Fine Coal - The Australian Experience Kempnich R, Van Barneveld S and Luscan A
5th   1991 Plant Experience in Improving Coking Coal Product Moisture at Curragh King CJ and Richie MJ
12th 2008 The current state of research regarding ultra clean coal production Kirkwood R, Morrison  D and Dewhirst R
4th   1988 Physiocomechanical and Physicochemcial Aspects of Magnetite Dense Medium Rheology Klein B, Partridge SJ and Laskowski JS
13th 2010 CFD modeling of coal flotation in Microcel and Jameson Cell Koh P and Schwarz M
10th 2004 Hindered Bed Separation for Coal Cleaning Applications Kohmuench JN, Davy MS, Barnett GD and Barnett PJ
10th 2004 Benefits of Column Flotation using the Eriez Microcel Kohmuench JN, Davy MS, Ingram WS, Brake IR and Luttrell G
15th 2014 Floating Coarser Coals in Fluidised-Bed Separators Kohmuench JN, Luttrell GH, Christodoulou L and Yan ES
12th 2008 More reliability of actuated process valves in coal preparation plants utilising modern automation technologies Krug U and Dumbrill K
11th 2007 Development of an Online Slurry Ash Analyser Lambert N
14th 2012 Issues with Using Ash Value for Mass Yield Determination Lambert N and Campbell M
14th 2012 Using multiple partition curve analysis to estimate the sampling induced uncertainty of performance indicator determination in coal processing  Lambert N and Cox N
12th 2008 In-plant performance of an online particle density (coal ash) analyser Lambert N and Curnow G
12th 2008 Tripling flotation recovery at MTW CHPP North Lambert N and Revell P
12th 2008 An improved laboratory flotation method Lambert N, Campbell M, McLennan K and Coffey A
16th 2016 Sub 38 micron Wet Sizing with Sieves Lambert N, Coffey A and Cox N
15th 2014 New Generation Online Slurry Particle Density Meter Lambert N, Cox N and Nicholson R
13th 2010 Slurry sampling - a case study Lambert N, Ryan G and Cox N
9th   2002 Coarse Coal Flotation Lambert NWA and Jameson GJ
9th   2002 Full-Scale Application of Wash-Water to Mechanical Flotation Cells Lambert NWA, Jameson GJ and Atkinson BW
13th 2010 Dry coal preparation in Australia - vision or necessity? Länger B and Bickert G
9th   2002 Continuous Vacuum Filtration with Modern Disc Filters as an Alternative to Belt and Drum Filters in Coal Filtration Langer B, Bott R, Langeloh T and Hahn J
10th 2004 The ABCs of Coal Quality Laurila MJ
8th   2000 On-Line analysis without radioisotopes Laurilia MJ and Bachmann CC
7th   1995 Mechanistic modelling of coal breakage  Leach KR and Meyers AD
8th   2000 Impact of drain rate on density and level control in Dense Medium Cyclone Circuits Leach KR and Meyers AD
1st  1981 A two parameter Steady State Model for Froth Flotation of Coal Leach KR, Lief HI and Clarkson CJ
1st  1981 The application of Resilient Materials and the Reduction of Noise in Coal Preparation Plant Leahy JC and Ridge RJ
7th   1995 Operating experience and performance evaluation of the 1150mm primary dense medium cyclone at Warkworth Mining Lee D, Holtham PN, Wood CJ and Hammond R
6th   1993 Development and Operation of the Senakin Resource in Kalimantan, Indonesia Leif H, Lamb R, Pierce G and Lawrence W
7th   1995 Gordonstone Coal Preparation Plant upgrade process design LePage M, Goodman P and Halpin B
5th   1991 A Study of Coal Washing Spirals Li M, Wood CJ and Davis JJ
11th 2007 Plant Trial of a New On-Line Coal Ash Analyser Lim CS, Abernethy DA, Noack LK and Rainey S
9th   2002 Advances In On-Line Analysis Technology for the Coal Industry Lim CS, Miljak DG, Cutmore NG, Millen MJ, Sowerby BD and Tickner JR
2nd  1983 Dewatering Coal Washery Trials by Electroosmosis Lockhart NC and Strickland RE
10th 2004 The Pitfalls of Data Interpretation Lourens N and Lok G
1st  1981 On-Line Measurement of Ash Content in Coal Lyman GJ
2nd  1983 Automatic Control of Product Coal Ash Content using an On-Line Coal Ash Gauge  Lyman GJ, Denney B,  Wood CJ, Askew H and Brenchley R
8th   2000 Tomographic imaging of Dense Medium Cyclones Lyman GJ, Holtham PN and Subramanian V
7th   1995 Determination of the precision of on-line coal analysers - theory and practice Lyman GJ, Lombard F, Edward D and Clarkson CJ
13th 2010 Effect of multi-slope screen wear on metallurgical performance M O’Brien M, Firth B, Taylor A, Hill A and Mardel J
3rd   1985 Complete On-Lone Automatic Control of Thickener Circuits MacDonald JR
16th 2016 The Importance of Moisture in Evaluating New Resources Mackinnon W, Swanson A and Sanders R
12th 2008 Dry processing of coal in an air-sand dense medium Reflux Classifier with vibration Macpherson SA, Callen AM, Walton KJ and Galvin KP
10th 2004 Polyurethane Screen Panel Wear and Failure Mardel JI, Gozukara Y and Hill AJ
5th   1991 Field Trial of an Under-Belt Coal Ash Analyser Based on Natural Gamma Ray Activity Mathew PJ, Dow JC, Miles JG, Phillips PL, Vogel MJ, Dallas B and Partridge, AC
16th 2016 ACARP Coal Belt Press Filter Design, Operation and Maintenance Handbook Mathewson D and Eschebach D
7th   1995 Precoating of coarse flotation concentrate on the vacuum disc filters at Norwich Park mine Mathewson D, Dempsey D, Teong J and Sigvart C
16th 2016 Dense Medium Cyclone medium partitioning  and magnetite consumption benchmarking Mathewson D, Eschebach D and Ryan G
14th 2012 The Design, Construction and Commissioning of Moolarben Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Mathewson D, Kemp M, Gaw D and Robbins M
13th 2010 The design, construction and commissioning of Yarrabee CPP Mathewson D, Madden R and Baker M
12th 2008 The Australian water management crisis Mathewson DJ
12th 2008 A brief review of Global Warming Mathewson DJ
11th 2007 Tailings dewatering, dry screening and water clarification for the coal industry Mathewson DJ, Norris R and Dunne MJ
1st  1981 Moisture Reduction of Slurries by Means of an Oil Coating Process  Matsuo T
4th   1988 A Natural Gamma-Ray Coal Ash Analyser Matthew PJ, Phillips PL, Miles JG, Vogel MJ and Campbell AD
16th 2016 Increasing throughput and improving thickener performance through upgrade and modification of installed technology McIntosh A, El-Masry S and Heath AR
4th   1988 Coal Handling Plant Material Selection for Sliding Contact Wear McLean AG
5th   1991 Characteristics and Economics of Granulated Fine Coal  McLean AG and Atangasaputra K
3rd   1985 The Application of Granulation to Coal Preparation  McLean AG and Prince R
4th   1988 The Tarong Coal Preparation Plant McRae RK
16th 2016 Thickeners versus centrifuges – a coal tailings technical comparison Meiring S
10th 2004 Emerging Issues Panel - Float and Sink Membrey W
2nd  1983 Suppressions of Dust During Coal Handling  Membrey WB
3rd   1985 Laboratory Froth Flotation Testing as an Aid to Production Membrey WB
5th   1991 Pilot Coal Preparation Plant Washing of Coal at Low Relative Densities Membrey WB and Restarick CJ
16th 2016 Throughput and Efficiency Optimisation via Reflux Classifier Retrofit Mercuri F, McManus J, Power A and Goffinet M
15th 2014 The Future of Thermal Coal Flotation Mercuri F, Osborne DG and Young MF
13th 2010 Particle feed velocity impact on large diameter DMC performance Meyers A and Sherritt G
13th 2010 Comparative spirals testing - mine site case study Meyers A, Perrin M  and  Bennetts Z
8th   2000 Factors affecting drainage rates of Banana Screens in drain and rinse applications  Meyers AD, Edward D, Clarkson C, Firth BA and Leach KR
12th 2008 Consideration of performance guarantees for coal preparation plant contracts Meyers AD, Leach KR and Mercuri FW
10th 2004 Advances in Modelling Techniques Applied to the Estimation of In-Situ Tonnes and product Tonnes Meyers AD, Leack KR and Wex T
15th 2014 Influences on Medium Non-Magnetic Concentration and Associated Dense Medium Cyclone (DMC) Performance Impacts Meyers AD, O'Brien M, Sherritt G and Jones A
9th   2002 Solids Partitioning in Screenbowl Centrifuges Meyers AD, Wex T and Leach, KR
3rd   1985 Coal Handleability Assessment Mikka RA and Smitham JB
11th 2007 Coal and the Changing Face of Europe Miles N
2nd  1983 The Stockton Borehole Colliery Coal Preparation Plant  Miller GM
2nd  1983 Development and Design of the German Creek Coal Preparation Plant Mills AP and Atkinson DE
11th 2007 Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Foxleigh CHPP and Train Loading Facility Mills P and Harmsworth I
8th   2000 Noise Reduction in New Open-Cut Coal Mines, Coal Handling and Preparation Plants Mills P, Bridges M and Juillerat E
10th 2004 Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Jelinbah Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Mills P, Geczy L and Tasker C
8th   2000 Warkworth - A new approach to tailings Mills P, Lamb R and Mathewson D
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