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1981: First Conference Proceedings (Repr...

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Paper Title Author
A history of Coal Preparation Practices in Australia Edwards GE
Cleaning of Steam Coal prior to Combustion in Sweden Carlson R and Forssberg E
The application of Resilient Materials and the Reduction of Noise in Coal Preparation Plant Leahy JC and Ridge RJ
Using geostatistics to Predict the Characteristics of Washed Coal: The Service Variable approach Armstrong M
An Estimate of the Variability of Coal Preparation Parameters in a Coal Field Pauncz I, Nixon TR and LePage AJ
The Optimisation of Process Parameters to Maximise the Profitability from a three-component blend Abbott J
Developments in Tailings Filtration  Critchlow NB
Dewatering of Flotation Circuit Slimes by Solid Bowl Centrifuge  Pickering EP and Cooney BA
Dewatering of Fine Coal by Screen Bowl Centrifuges  Gallagher E, Lewis JE, Post JJ, Swanson AR and Armstrong LW
The influence of Pyritic Sulphur on the Recovery of Fine Coal by Froth Flotation Firth BA, Nicol SK, Nash BGW, Quemard D and  Meikle AB
A two parameter Steady State Model for Froth Flotation of Coal Leach KR, Lief HI and Clarkson CJ
Depression of Coal by Starches and Starch Derivatives  Im CJ and Aplan FF
Dense Medium Separation of Minus 0.5mm Coal Fines Van Der Walt PJ, Falcon LM and Fourie PJF
The Mathematical Modelling of Coal Washability  Armstrong M and Whitmore RL
Optimisation of Coal Preparation in the USSR Cherevko I.E
A Control Strategy for Automatic Optimisation and Control of Central QLD Preparation Plants  Clarkson CJ and Leach KR
On-Line Measurement of Ash Content in Coal Lyman GJ
The Use of Nuclear Gauges in Coal Preparation Sigal PM
An Evaluation of a Novel Vibrating Fine Screen Slechta J, Taggart IJ, Frith BA and Gallagher E
Moisture Reduction of Slurries by Means of an Oil Coating Process  Matsuo T
The Chemistry of Non-Ionic Surfactants in Coal Preparation Processes Aston JR, Deacon MJ,   Furlong DN, Healy TW and Lau ACM
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