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Coppabella Flotation Upgrade Carretta M, Harmsworth I and Hoffmann D
Operating Comparison of Three Differing Coal Processing Operations Crisafulli P, James T and Drakeford N
Density Sanders D
Developing Improved Yield Reconciliation Procedures Clarkson CJ, Lahey AE and White P
Analysis of Large Diameter Cyclone Plant Performance Clarkson CJ, Edward DJ, Davidson J and Lahey AE
Improved Design and Operational Data for Large Diameter Dense Medium Cyclones Weale W and Swanson A
Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation of Dense Medium Cyclones Brennan M, Holtham P, G Lyman  G and Rong R
Coarse Coal Flotation Lambert NWA and Jameson GJ
Generation of Pico Bubbles in Flotation Feed - A Means to Reduce Collector Use Hart G, Morgan S and Bramall N
Full-Scale Application of Wash-Water to Mechanical Flotation Cells Lambert NWA, Jameson GJ and Atkinson BW
Improving the Unloading of QLD Coal from Rail Wagons O'Brien G, Graham J, Gnanananthan S, Nemeth D, O'Brien M, Firth B and Girgenti P
A New Method for Washability Analysis of Fine Coal Particles Using Water Fluidisation Callen AM, Pratten SJ, Belcher BD, Lambert N and Galvin KP
Continuous Vacuum Filtration with Modern Disc Filters as an Alternative to Belt and Drum Filters in Coal Filtration Langer B, Bott R, Langeloh T and Hahn J
Solids Partitioning in Screenbowl Centrifuges Meyers AD, Wex T and Leach, KR
Factors Influencing the Drain and Rinse Operations of Banana Screens O'Brien M, Firth B, Nemeth D and Meyers A
Coal and Coal Preparation in South Africa - A 2002 Review Peatfield D
Gravity Separation and Hydrosizing Using the Reflux Classifier Galvin KP, Belcher BD, Callen AM, Lambert N, Doroodchi EG Nguyentranlam G and Pratten SJ
Operational Review of Teetered Bed Separator Applications Drummond RB, Nicol SK and Swanson AR
Advances In On-Line Analysis Technology for the Coal Industry Lim CS, Miljak DG, Cutmore NG, Millen MJ, Sowerby BD and Tickner JR
Use of an XRF Coal Analyser for Blending and Loading Trains Patterson C, Snyder S, Laurilia M and Bachmann C
Smart Sensor for On-Line Monitoring of Coal Preparation Processes Hu S and Firth B
Recent Developments in On-Line Ash Analysis Smith KG and Edwards MF
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