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2004: Tenth Conference Proceedings NOT A...

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Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Hail Creek Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Proud D, Lamb R and Shooter C
Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Jelinbah Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Mills P, Geczy L and Tasker C
Design, Construction and Operation of the Moorvale Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Moffit A, Marshall T, Lamb R and Cawley S
Networking to Other Process Industries - The Next Opportunity in Coal Processing, The BMA Story Brake IR
Polyurethane Screen Panel Wear and Failure Mardel JI, Gozukara Y and Hill AJ
Precision Trains Loading Systems Walker T and McPhan M
New Techniques for Monitoring of Coal Flotation Systems Hu S, Ofori P, O'Brien M and Firth B
Recovery Interactions Between the Froth Zone, Pulp Zone and Downcomer within a Jameson Cell Harbort G, Cowburn J and Manlapig E
Flotation Process Diagnostics and Modelling by Coal Grain Analysis Ofori P, O'Brien G, Firth B and Jenkins B
Benefits of Column Flotation using the Eriez Microcel Kohmuench JN, Davy MS, Ingram WS, Brake IR and Luttrell G
Successes Achieved through Incorporating Recent Developments in Jameson Cell Technology into an Existing Jameson Cell Circuit Wex T, Hill B, Meyers A and Clark L
Density Tracer Testing of Coarse Coal Separators: Suggestions for an Australian Standard Wood CJ
Monitoring of Dense Medium Cyclone Performance and Condition by Acoustic Emissions Spencer SJ, Liu U and Sharp V
Improved Operational Databases for Fine Coal Atkinson B and Swanson A
Coking Coal and Iron Ore - Comparisons and Contrasts Osborne D
The ABCs of Coal Quality Laurila MJ
The Pitfalls of Data Interpretation Lourens N and Lok G
Advances in Modelling Techniques Applied to the Estimation of In-Situ Tonnes and product Tonnes Meyers AD, Leack KR and Wex T
Emerging Issues Panel - Float and Sink Membrey W
Coal Cleaning with the FGX Compound Dry Separator Wernham JA, Merwin RA and Weinstein RS
Gravity Separation using a Full-Scale Reflux Classifier Galvin KP, Callen A, Zhou J and Doroodchi E
Fine Coal Beneficiation in an Integrated Multiple Stage Spiral Concentrator Steinmuller A, Abela Rl and Arnold B
Hindered Bed Separation for Coal Cleaning Applications Kohmuench JN, Davy MS, Barnett GD and Barnett PJ
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