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2007: Eleventh Conference Proceedings NO...

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A New Era for Coal Preparation: Coal Dry Preparation by Laser Verboomen J
Coal and the Changing Face of Europe Miles N
Coal Fines Filtration - the Relevance of Coal Floc Micro-Properties Bickert G, Selomulya C, Liao JYH and Amol R
Coal Grain Particle Characteristics and their Impact on the Flotation Process Ofori P, O'Brien G and Firth B
Design and Construction of the Dawson Coal Handling and Preparation Plant Hoffmann D, Shooter C and Proud D
Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Foxleigh CHPP and Train Loading Facility Mills P and Harmsworth I
Detection of Adverse Operating Conditions in Dense Medium Cyclones by Acoustic Emission Monitoring Spencer SJ, Liu Y, Bruniges R and Sharp V
Development of an Online Slurry Ash Analyser Lambert N
Further Operational Data to Optimise the Application of Large Diameter Dense Medium Cyclones Swanson A and Atkinson B 
CFD Modelling of Dense Medium Cyclones using Multiphase Techniques Brennan MS, Holtham PN and Narasimha M
Gravity Concentration of Coarse Coal using the Reflux Classifier under Dilute Semi-Batch Conditions Galvin KP, Munro M, Jones E and Zhou J
Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Control using On-Line Moisture Analysis at Gregory Coal Mine France G and Von Muralt A
Investigation of a water based Method for Determining Coal Washability Data Callan AM, Patel B, Zhou J and GaIvin KP
Measurement Requirements for a Dense Medium Cyclone Circuit Firth B, Hu S and O'Brien M
Performance database for fine coal processing - New Data and Industry Interface Swanson A and Atkinson B
Plant-Based Trials of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy for Measuring Medium Density Hu S and Firth B
Plant Trial of a New On-Line Coal Ash Analyser Lim CS, Abernethy DA, Noack LK and Rainey S
Process Rationalisation of the Bulga Coal Preparation Plant Booth S and Mills P
Techniques for the Optimisation of Coal Flotation Harbort G and Schwarz S
The Recovery of Coarse Coal Particles by Flotation in the Froth Phase Euston JA, Atkinson BA and Jameson GJ
Development of a pseudo-density flotation model Edward D, Clarkson C and Moffit A
Tailings dewatering, dry screening and water clarification for the coal industry Mathewson DJ, Norris R and Dunne MJ
Impact of banana screen deck wear on desliming efficiency O'Brien M, Taylor A, Firth B and Hill A
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