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2008: Twelfth Conference Proceedings

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The current state of research regarding ultra clean coal production Kirkwood R, Morrison  D and Dewhirst R
Gasification in clean coal technologies: Are there implications for coal preparation? Roberts DG and Firth BA
Coal Quality Effects on CO2 Emissions Campbell M
Consideration of performance guarantees for coal preparation plant contracts Meyers AD, Leach KR and Mercuri FW
The design, construction and commissioning of a new coal preparation plant at Liddell Mine Fox R, Gibbs N, Geczy L, Souter R and Swanson A
The establisment of coal preparation and handling facilities at Ravensworth processing Plant Sorensen C and Atkinson B
Medium density measurement without the need for a gamma ray source Cavanough GL, Holtham PN and
Powell TM
A novel way to control ash using online coal analysis Ampil B and Woodward R
Development of a commercial prototype on-line adverse operating condition alarm system for dense medium cyclones Bruniges R, Millen M, Rainey S, Sharp V, Spencer SJ, Stevens R and Williams A
Effects of circulating loads on plant performance and product quality Perrin MJ, Hanrahan AG, Sherritt G and Meyers AD
Numerical study of particle flow on a banana screen Dong KJ, Yu AB and Brake I
Some aspects of modelling partition curves for size classification situations Hart G and Firth B
Revamping of vacuum filters in coal filtration   Hahn J, Bott R and Langeloh T
Safety in design - Current standards for coal preparation plants Cutting S
Use of Monte Carlo analysis to understand preparation plant economics Avis SM and Joyce JA
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) machine for online ash in coal analyses Gaft M and Dvir E
Handleability evaluation using the Edinburgh Cohesion Tester Bennett P
Capillary Ceramec filtration technology - A new alternative for fine coal dewatering  Görres G, Hindström R, Helsto J, Viswanathan V and Vesala A
Comparison of alternatives for size classification at 100 - 350 microns  Vince A
Dewatering technology options for Ultra Fine Coal and Ultra fine rejects (tailings) Adams EA and Joyce JA
Modern coal dewatering with the new disc filter generation Bott R, Langeloh T and Hahn J
Coal flotation - Goedehoop Colliery Esterhuizen JJ
Co-disposal pumping system design - a practical perspective Power A, Cheung J and Proud D
Secondary flotation at Stratford CHPP - A mechanical cell processing Jameson Cell tailings Crissafulli P and James T
Modelling the coal-medium flow in a dense medium cyclone Chu K, Wang B, Yu A and Vince A
Combined coal and medium circuit simulation for design and optimisation Hand PE and Wiseman DM
Dense medium cyclone sampling Atkinson B, O'Brien M, Swanson A and Firth B
Impact of flocculant chemistry on tailings impoundment  Bembrick D
Microwaves for coal quality improvement: The Drycol Project Graham J
The Australian water management crisis Mathewson DJ
Measurement needs for a fine coal circuit Firth B, O’Brien M and Hu S
An improved laboratory flotation method Lambert N, Campbell M, McLennan K and Coffey A
Two stage TBS processing of -3.2+0.09mm fines at Ravensworth CHPP Ramplin J and Drummond R
Tripling flotation recovery at MTW CHPP North Lambert N and Revell P
Plant-based trials of coal flotation monitoring using EIS technique  Hu S,  Burger A, O'Brien M and Firth B
Development of an online residual frothing propensity detector Coffey A and Lambert N
Dry processing of coal in an air-sand dense medium Reflux Classifier with vibration Macpherson SA, Callen AM, Walton KJ and Galvin KP
A brief review of Global Warming Mathewson DJ
More reliability of actuated process valves in coal preparation plants utilising modern automation technologies Krug U and Dumbrill K
On-line monitoring of carbon in fly ash for boiler control Dixon T, Taylor J and Smith K
Elimination of Perchloroethylene Campbell M
Gravity separation of flotation feed using the enhanced Reflux Classifier Walton K, Zhou J and Galvin KP
In-plant performance of an online particle density (coal ash) analyser Lambert N and Curnow G
Godzilla 1 and 2 Ishigaki / Lasta filter presses for ultra fine coal dewatering Wimmler W
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